Sunday, August 21, 2016

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Have you heard?!?  TeachersPayTeachers is having a HUGE ONE-DAY SALE???  Check it out at beginning at MIDNIGHT 8/22!
In need of some vibrant clip art?  Check out From Sketch to School and begin decorating your classroom or improving the look of your TpT resources!  Happy Back to School shopping!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

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Yesterday, I went to Target to pick up swim goggles for one of the kids and some sunscreen.  I got those, along with lots of stuff for my classroom!  I pretty much raided the $1/$3/$5 section of Target.  You know you've been there, too, so don't judge (wink).  I had no idea what I was going to do with my classroom this year.  I thought about possibly doing an insect theme but wasn't sold on it.  Then, as I wheeled my cart toward the bargain section, I saw EVERYTHING RAINBOW! Not only did I see RAINBOWS, I had the urge to buy EVERYTHING RAINBOW!  Excitedly and nervously I tossed item after item into my cart, barely thinking of the money I would be spending.  

It was sort of like this scene...

After all, the classroom needed something new, right?!? 

I thought about Peek at Your Seat Night and what would look nice for the parents and students.  It's good to get a vision in your mind for what you want. Sometimes, that vision begins with something as simple as name tags.  That's what happened for me. A little advice for you...

I can't wait to see what happens in the classroom.  I will have before and after pics for you soon!

While you are waiting, head on over to our clip art site...

and pick up TODAY'S FREEBIE

Isn't it just adorable?  I happen to think Carl the Caterpillar is quite a handsome guy! (Insert heart flutter here...)

Once you've picked that up, head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE.  If you like and share my page, you will automatically be entered in a drawing for a $10 TeachersPayTeachers gift card to MY STORE

There are lots of fun things to pick up for Back to School!  As always, have fun and let me know how you like what you see!

Talk soon!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice...

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Two words to start my blog today... HOBBY LOBBY!  What?!?  Who knew the Empire State Building of craft supply stores was ONE.STATE.AWAY!  I swear when I walked up to it, angels were singing, rays of sunshine were beaming down, and I saw the golden gates open!
Today was my first visit and I must say, I was really excited.  This store is every teacher's DREAM (that along with going to the bathroom whenever you feel like it).  As I perused the aisles dreaming of my next Pinterest fail school project, I was stopped in my tracks by THIS...
Did someone say pumpkin spice?!? Right then, I had flashbacks of heading to 7-11 every morning with my 75 cents for a warm cup of Fall heaven.  I am so excited about pumpkin spice season!!!
After I was distracted by the sign, I found my way over to this aisle.  I could seriously buy everything in this section!  There were even GLITTER PUMPKINS!  Hello Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard!
Before I think about pumpkins, though, I need to think about apples. Lots and lots of apples in every color!  It's Back to School time! From Sketch to School, our clipart site, is ready for you!
Along with these adorable apples that would be cute as bulletin board accents, we also have THIS AWESOME BUNDLE!

It's more than half off!  This way, you have more money for something like this...
If only you could smell the sweet spices...
Hope your school year is off to a good start or if you aren't back, yet, I hope your summer is coming to a satisfying end! 

Monday, August 01, 2016

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Yes! It's TIME!!!! It's one of my FAVORITE times of the YEAR! TeachersPayTeachers is having its annual Back to School SALE!!!

Isn't that design just adorable?!?  Amy Lemons designed it!
I don't know about you but I am ready to roll with this sale!  I have all of my items wishlisted and I am patiently waiting for midnight to hit so I can purchase my favorite items! I have been sharing resources on TpT for quite some time now and I must sadly gladly admit announce that I purchase from other stores, too!  I am so thankful to know I can get quality resources from other teachers like myself who know EXACTLY what goes on in the classroom.
One of the resources I have found to be most effective in my classroom is the one below. 
If you click on the pic, you can check it out!
These cards have been a LIFESAVER!  I do not need to speak a word as I hold up one of these cards to a student or group of students.  They know exactly what I am saying without interrupting the flow of the learning in the classroom.  One day, I forgot to use these cards and my students were all like...
They wanted to know where they were and when I was bringing them back.  Students feel great when you notice what they are doing well.  They feel equally great when you remind them what they need to fix without drawing attention to them in front of their peers. 
Another fun set of activities my students love are found here...
These are so much fun to start the school year! Everything in there is ready to print, laminate, and go! This is a fun way for students to try out center activities and follow directions, work with partners, and clean up.  The clip art is all school-themed making it perfect for those first few weeks with your new class!
My family and I have so much fun together so I understand wanting to have more time to be with yours! That's what makes TeachersPayTeachers so FABULOUS! When you need resources at your fingertips, the materials you need are just a click away!


My son and I spending some quality time up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania last week.
The three kids at Chuck E. Cheese having a blast earning lots of tickets!
If you find something during the sale that you just LOVED, be sure to comment and paste the link so other people can enjoy as much as you did!