Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Happy summer!  It seems it has been awhile since I have taken the time to blog. From the advice of someone close to me, I have decided to start the process again.  I debated deleting this blog and starting all over again or continuing what I have worked so hard to create.   
Eight years ago, I joined TeachersPayTeachers.  I wasn't sure if it was going to do anything for my life except for give me a few dollars of gas money while being able to share resources I created.  For those of you just starting, I want to assure you that I ONLY MADE $30 in my first month! At one point, I had enough money to pay 1/3 of my bills with the money I was earning!  That's a lot of supplemental income for someone working full-time as a teacher. 
After about four years, I was regularly earning enough to help my family while meeting teachers all over the world online.  The blogging experience was AMAZING!  I had never experienced such collaboration amongst colleagues like this before.  It was a professional learning community that I was interested in and that I chose to continue on my own. 
Over time, I became busy with work and other things and slowly let my store go.  I kept it open but lost the motivation to add or change anything because the task seemed so overwhelming.  However, that TeachersPayTeachers fire was still burning in my heart.  I just needed a push to realize what I have to offer and to begin this journey all over again. 
Today, I am deciding to do just that and so here I am, with an open mind and open heart, blogging with you about the change I am about to make.  I must admit, I am slightly incredibly nervous about this with a tad bit of excitement mixed in.  I hope you will follow me on my journey as the outcome is to be determined.  I know with some hard work and a lot of time, I will go above and beyond my goals. 
Have any of you ever experienced something like this?  Comment and let us know how you were able to get going again or if you are in the same boat, not knowing what to do next.  Hopefully, we can all help each other as we blog, teach, and share resources!  I'm looking forward to meeting back up online with all of you!
Have an awesome day!


  1. Welcome back! I find my blogging/creating comes in waves. I have just gotten back into a good schedule and groove after a few months of barely working on it all.

    The Math Maniac

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I will check out and follow your blog! Thanks so much for commenting!


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