Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sneak Peak

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So, it is true...summer is officially ending for many teachers and it may have already ended for some (hugs).  I officially have four days until I return to school which happens to be one week before my kiddos arrive.  I will engage in professional development all week while working like crazy to finish my classroom!  Next Thursday is Sneak a Peak at Your Seat Night and the students will be visiting to preview the room in which they will spend the next 180 days!  Yippee!!!  I am feeling a bit like this...
Today, I made sure to sleep in past 8 o'clock!  Hey, I have a six-year-old and for us, that's sleeping in!  I think the moms and dads reading this post would be high fiving me for getting that extra time!  I had to get some rest after a rock from a weedwacker busted my car window on my way home from a meeting yesterday.  Talk about stressed out!  Let's just say driving my son to his first day of soccer practice was not fun in the rain with a trash bag covering my window!  Luckily, it will be fixed tomorrow. 
Whenever I want to de-stress, I take a drive near my new home!  Isn't this gorgeous?  (Don't mind the reflection...I was taking it through the glass.)  I feel so lucky to enjoy this every day!  BTW, I did stop and take the pic when no one else was on the road. You thought I did it while driving, didn't you? ;-)
On this particular day, I was heading down to my classroom to try to get some work done.  I was able to finish a little but I have A LOT to go.  I had to move all of my teacher things from my old classroom to this one.  I arranged the desks, covered some boards, and laminated.  Did I mention next week is Sneak a Peak Night?!?  I thought I did!  Fa-reaking out!!!  Check out where I am right now.  For those of you who have Type A personalities, you may want to look away!  Me?  I am a B+ so I am bothered but I know it will all get done!
This year, I am going for a fifth grade-type theme.  I am going to add t-shirts, lockers, skateboards, tennis shoes, etc.  It's going to be a hodgepodge of upper grades stuff for the kids.  This board has my colors in it!  Now, if I could only put something on it!
I found these at the dollar store!  My fifthies will LOVE them!  Best of all? They match my colors!!!

It looks like I am going to need TONS of BINS!  These were my old bins for self-selected reading but now, they are overflowing!  My Donors Choose project was funded and now I have soooo many books!  I can't wait to make new labels and share the books with the kids!  They are going to read like CRAZY!!!
Check out my favorite lamp!  It, too, is in my theme colors!  The students love when I put this on for SSR time.  I usually do that and open the blinds to let some natural light in.  This creates a calming effect that the children appreciate.
I found these awesome speech bubbles at Lakeshore and I can't wait to use them!  I laminated them so that I could hang them on one of the walls and write on them whenever I wanted.  I plan on recording some of the students' top responses on these.  I always put their name next to their comments to give them ownership and a sense of pride!
Look at what else I did!  I am THRILLED that these turned out so well!  I thought about all of the clipart I own and how I could use it to help me decorate the classroom.  Then, it occurred to me that I didn't need to spend $5-$10 on classroom d├ęcor at the teaching store.  I just opened the clipart in PowerPoint, made it as large as the page, and printed on a high-quality printer.  The result looked like this...
These are going to look great on my bulletin boards and around the room!  The one with the brown hair and the apple looks like me so I am going to use it along with my name on the door!  I can't wait to make more!
Our school's mascot is a beaver...we are eager beavers!  I decided to incorporate the mascot into my daily schedule cards along with a splash of chevron.  Cute, huh?  Let me know if you want some for your class and I'll gladly whip them up for you!  Just comment telling me your mascot and what you want on the cards!  To hang them, I simply placed magnets on the back so they are SUPER EASY to move around for those last-minute schedule changes!
I am happy that the classroom is coming together!  My little helper was there with mommy playing with my behavior signs.  I use these when I have a cold and can't talk over student voices.  Sometimes, I use them to change things up and give non-verbal cues.  As you can see, the little ones love them!  I wonder if he'd love them so much if I used them at home! Hehehe...
This is the area where my classroom joins the room next to me.  We have a partition wall that opens up so we can co-teach whenever we want!  This is the first year we are opening the rooms at different times throughout the day.  I think the students will really benefit from this!
I am glad that I have gotten a start on the room but still have so much more to do!  This board keeps staring at me which is plenty of motivation to keep going.  It's hideous!!!
It's bad.  It's so, so bad!  I will be doing a before/after shot for you to see that this doesn't have to look this way anymore!  A little bright paper and some nifty clip art will whip this board into shape!  Oh, to be finished would be lovely! 
Well, that's about all for now.  I will keep you posted as to the updates on my room and new resources I am working on for TpT.  Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY/CONTEST next week that will be F.U.N!!!  There is a gift card involved!  I know you won't understand it now, but I am leaving you a picture of me as a clue for the contest.  All of the details are coming shortly so be sure to refer back to this pic when the fun begins!!!
I love my O's!!!  Has anyone ever seen our player Chris Davis?  Yep, now you know why I love the Orioles so much! 
Enjoy your summer!  Talk to you soon!


  1. Haha Leanne Baur....I love Chris Davis too. I think he is sooo darned cute! Gotta love dem O's. We would not be Balmore girls if we didn't. Catcha lader hon. LOL!!!!


    1. I was busy gittin' my ool changed in the car! I was arnin' ma cloze, hon! Representin' B'more!!!


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