Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best and Most...Yearbook-Style!

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Wow!  It's Back-to-School time and there is SOOOO MUCH to share about!  First things first... the HUGE Back-to-School TpT SALE is starting tomorrow, August 18th!  All of my teaching resources are going to be on sale for 28% OFF!  Stock those files and save them digitally to use again and again!  You will want to use the PROMO CODE:  BTS13 when checking out to get the discount.  You can click on the pic below to go to my store and shop! Remember, the sale starts on Sunday and runs through Monday!
 I am so excited!  I have my wish list ready to purchase everything I need at a BIG DISCOUNT!  To help celebrate the sale, my friend Christina Bainbridge is having a fun Back-to-School linky! 
 A bunch of teachers created "yearbook pages" of their best and most effective resources.  Mine is below for you to check out!
Here is a little low-down on why each of these resources earned a spot on my yearbook page!  Gossip was fun back in high school so why wouldn't it be now?  Okay, so here are the reasons why these resources take the cake...
My Ready Report Card Comments for Teachers is my #1 best-selling product!  This is why it is my Teacher's Pet nominee.  It has helped oodles of teachers compose comments!  We all know how difficult it is to stare at the computer, cursor blinking, trying to think of the right words to write. (Did you like that...right, write?  I am a certified nerd, thanks!)  This product alleviates all of that stress and allows you to pick and choose statements you want to combine in one comment.  The words and phrases are there, you simply piece them together and voila!  Easy peasy report card comments!

Next up, you can click to find my Reading Genre Posters and Activities.  This resource is voted, "Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed."  Anyone who has ever taught reading knows that identifying the genre of a book is the best starting point for a reader!  It allows them to prepare for what they are about to read and it helps them to look for familiar "pieces" of the text!  Along with colorful posters that you can hang around the room, you get student response sheets that coordinate with each genre.  In my book, this is a must-have for teachers and students!

The final products I have paired as the "Best Couple" are my Four-in-a-Row Multiplication and Division games!  Those who teach the upper grades know how important it is to master multiplication and division facts.  These games help tremendously and should  be used ALL.YEAR.LONG!  Students have fun choosing a card, answering the question, and filling in a bubble on their game sheet.  (For some reason, kids just LOVE doing this!)  The first person to get four of their initials in a row wins!  This can be played over and over again and it never becomes boring!  I think the students really enjoy competing with one another!
I hope you check out these resources for your classroom!  Have fun shopping and best wishes for an AMAZING SCHOOL YEAR! 


  1. Leanne
    Your blog is beautiful of course and I love this post. I will be sure to check out your sale. Your TpT store is great and you offer high-end products! Have a great school year!


  2. Leanne, your stuff looks wonderful!! Good luck with the sale!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Thanks so much, Lori! I hope everyone stocks up now while things are less expensive! :) Good luck to you as well!


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