Sunday, March 03, 2013

Good Times!

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This has been such a great week!  My students and I have been working really hard to get ready for the MSA or Maryland State Assessment!  Our big days will be two days this week (and they're calling for S.N.O.W.) and two days the following week.  First up is reading followed by math and science will come in April!  Right now, my pretty classroom is barren and empty. :(  Almost all of my posters came down so I will be doing a little decorating after the MSA is over.  I'm thinking I'll do a fun theme to take us through graduation! One area that my students were struggling with was adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.  To help them, I created a game using two dice.   Basically, students toss the dice to create a fraction and then do the same again to create another one.  They add the two together (by creating like denominators) and record their answer!  We played this game for DAYS!  Get your free copy by clicking on the game below.
To make it more challenging, add a third die to the mix and have students roll three numbers.  One becomes the whole number (write in front of the fraction on the sheet) and the other becomes the fraction.  My advice is to meet with each group as they play to clarify any misunderstandings.
My little guy, Sebastian, was also having a great week in Kindergarten!  It was the 100th Day of School and we celebrated by making a Shape Shirt!  He wore it all day until he came home with his colorful 100th Day hat and Fruit Loop Necklace.  He HAD to change into the tie-dyed shirt we made earlier in the week!  He may have even slept in that outfit! LOL!


Seb had lots of fun doing 100th Day Activities while mommy was busy creating her AWARD-WINNING (YES, I AM BRAGGING) door!  I think it's truly what brought our B'more Ravens their BIG WIN!!!  I will never forget our AMAZING assembly and the awesome Ravens Ice Scraper I won!  I got to use it the very same week and I hope we get some more snow this week.  For a powder-hound like me, there can NEVER be enough snow!  Here is a pic in case y'all get inspired to decorate your classroom door anytime soon.  By the way, the amazing feathers were fashioned by my very own fifth graders!  LOVE YOU GUYS!
I finished off all of that fun by reading my favorite Dr. Seuss story to the Kindergartners at my school!  Sebastian was thrilled that mommy was the guest reader and the other kids couldn't wait to listen to, "Sebastian's mom".  I think when they get to fifth grade and I'm their teacher, they will still call me that!  Below is a link to the book I read which had them in stitches!  It is Sebastian's favorite nighttime read-aloud!

Have a fun week!  If you're doing testing, best of luck!  Let us know how you celebrated!