Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's 2014 Sale and Giveaway!

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Do you get excited for New Year's like I do?!? There's something about the possibilities and the newness that I just LOVE! The new year is a chance to start fresh.  It's a time to make CHANGE.  Who doesn't need a little change once in awhile? The thing I get excited for the most is the chance to throw a SALE over at my TpT store and to do a GIVEAWAY! Oh my gosh, I get so excited to give something away!!! It just makes my day!  With all these stories of people paying it forward, I just have to do what I have to do!  So, today through Saturday, you can enter to win one of two awesome prizes!

 Thanks to the awesome Krista W. at Creative Clips for the graphics!
I am also celebrating by having a SALE!  That's right!  My {WHOLE STORE} is 20% OFF today and tomorrow to celebrate 2014! Woo hoo!

Happy New Year and Thanks for Following Leanne Baur's Creative Classroom!


New Year, New Linky for Teaching Blogs

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So excited for New Year's! I love relaxing at home and enjoying time with my family. I will not even begin to think about going back to school in three days. Nope. Not doing it. After spending my day running errands today, I am so happy to finally sit down by the fireplace and listen to some music. Of course I am on the 80's music channel. Yes. I am a NERD.  I admit it!  What solo music/fireplace chill party would be complete without blog surfing on the laptop? That's what I'm doing right.this.minute. Yep, it's 12:04am and I am clicking around having fun checking out how everyone is celebrating the New Year on their blogs!  Come back tomorrow to see what I am doing on Leanne Baur's Creative Classroom!  In the meantime, check out this nifty little linky party Simply Kinder is having.  It's a chance to check out a bunch of different blogs or to add your link if you are a blogger. I am getting ready to add my link now and see what new blogs I can find. It looks like fun!  Join in or click around and see what you can find. If you stumble upon a SUPER AWESOME BLOG LIKE MINE (wink), let us know through the comments.  Oh, and by the way, those of you that comment may just be in on my whole New Year's thing tomorrow. What are you waiting for? Get linking and clicking!!! I'll be checking out your recommendations in the comments! Happy New Year's Eve!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blogging Away on a Snowy Day!

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As a teacher, we dream of days like these!  Yes, that's right, not one but TWO SNOW DAYS and on a MONDAY and TUESDAY!  Life just doesn't get any better than this!  I finally have time to work on resources for TeachersPayTeachers while spending time at home with my six-year-old.  I even had a warm breakfast for two days in a row!  Hey, it's the little things that make us happy as teachers!  I have one special sign to thank for all of this...see below.  This lovely sign had been hiding away with my holiday decorations until I brought it out Sunday night.  Ever since then, I haven't had a day of school and my yard is piled up with nearly a foot of snow!  As you can see, even Sonic our elf has perched himself on top of the magical sign!

This photo from my back yard says it all!  We really are "Walking in a Winter Wonderland."  It makes me think of Robert Frost's famous poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."  I have the fireplace going and I am planning on baking some homemade chocolate chip cookies this afternoon.  I feel like I am on a mini vacation right here in my home!
I've thought about venturing out to the mall today to pick up a last few items for Christmas but our road doesn't look too tempting.  It has been defrosting for some time now but I never like chancing it especially when my little one is with me.  I think I'll just stay home and take in the view.

All of this time off has given me a chance to work on my latest resource, "Winter ELA Flip Flaps." If you are looking for something to keep your upper grades kiddos busy this winter, this is for you!  There are lots of opportunities to cut and paste while covering those ever-important Common Core State Standards for Literature and Language. I am excited to begin working on this with my students!  I was sure to include skills that they could stand to practice while providing opportunities to illustrate and make cool flip flaps!

This one was so easy to print!  Just put colored paper into the printer and hit "print!" It really is easy peasy to do.  Your students can work on finding their synonyms using a thesaurus or online resource.  After, they can illustrate the synonyms on the outer sections of the flaps.  With extra time, they could even make more of their own using the template! 
This is one way to assemble your flip flap activities.  (Not all are pictured.)  If you wanted to use all of the activities to display, you may want to use larger paper like bulletin board paper.  Either display as a group, one at a time on construction paper, or add to an interactive notebook. 

Okay, so I must admit, the pockets are my FAVORITE! Who doesn't love purple snowflakes? (GO RAVENS!) There are a bunch of these included to have your students complete after reflecting on a poem about winter.  It's an original so you won't find the poem anywhere else!  I also included some comma practice which I know ALL STUDENTS need to work on.

For those who are ready to tackle figurative language, there are some fun opportunities for this in the resource!  It really is fun and easy to do!  The last time I worked on figurative language with my fifth graders, they wouldn't stop writing it!  You can make multiple copies of this page if students want more practice.  Toss a few into a center bin for those who are finished work early.

Here is a resource my county shared for similes and metaphors.  It is a catchy little song that gets the main point across.  My students really liked it! 

Last, but not least, I have one more celebration on this snowy day...my Ravens won against the Vikings!  Did you see that crazy 4th quarter last weekend?  Now, that is some football right there!  I always keep this little sign up in my classroom to tease my students.  I have actually had a few ask if they could come in to class!  It's too bad my AP is a Steelers fan!  I love her anyway and will make a special exception!
 I hope you are enjoying your week as much as I am!  Maybe you don't have a snow day but you are surely counting down until the holiday break!  Don't worry, it's bound to get here quickly!  Stay safe and Happy Holidays to all of you out there in teacherland!


Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Black Friday!

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If you are like me, you are lounging on the couch, delightfully enjoying a nice cup of coffee on Black Friday.  I must say, I have been tempted to brave the traffic and noisy crowds to get that 8 foot tall, pre-lit $200 Christmas tree for $69 but sanity soon creeps in. The reality is that I would be sitting at traffic lights for hours, dragging my six-year-old from store to store, pouting endlessly about why everything was out of stock!  No thank you!  A teacher should enjoy days like these dressed down, using the bathroom as many times as possible, and watching sappy holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel. We may even bake some cookies today if I can manage to get off of the couch! 
The best part of today is being able to work on resources for TeachersPayTeachers.  I have been wanting to "catch up" on creating resources that I can use in my classroom and share with other teachers.  Now that report cards are complete, papers are graded, and the holiday break has begun, I am so happy to return to my favorite hobby. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEE making resources for TpT and my students get so excited when we have new activities to try out! I bet yours do, too!  Because I just spent yesterday at the beach...I am feeling super relaxed and I want to do something nice for other teachers.
Photo: Happy Thanksgiving everyone.......I am extremely thankful for my view!
So, I am throwing a BIG Black Friday Sale on my TeachersPayTeachers store! Woo hoo!  This way, all of you can scoop up some resources for your classroom. I have reduced everything at 20% OFF so you can get as much as you need!  Happy Thankgiving/Black Friday/Early Start to the Holidays!!!
Enjoy time with your family, relax, and stay safe this weekend! 

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Apple Rings and Autumn Things

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There's nothing like a warm slice of apple pie in the fall to start off your day.  Of course, I didn't make a pie (um, I'm a teacher...who has time?) but I did make a quick and easy apple pie ring for my family. 
To make, all you need to use is:
1. a can of refrigerated crescent rolls 
2.  apple pie filling in a can 
3.  cream cheese (reduced fat is my fave) 
4. cinnamon 
5. butter 
6. powdered sugar
7. vanilla
Mix a bar of cream cheese, about 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter, and a teaspoon of vanilla in a bowl until creamy.  Arrange the crescent rolls in a circle of triangles with the larger part of the triangles connecting. (This looks like a sunshine with a hole in the middle.)  Spread the creamy mixture on the large part of the triangles in the circle.  Add apple pie filling on this part as well.  Bring the points of the triangles over the mixture and seal on the inner part of the circle.  Note:  there will be openings where the mixture is...don't worry, it won't run!  Bake according to directions on the rolls and you will have a delicious, sweet treat for your family!
I am hoping this lovely breakfast will inspire me to make some Thanksgiving resources for TpT!  I have already started working on one that I hope to finish today.  Here is an example of what I am working on.  The second two pictures below link to what you see.  Enjoy these FREEBIES!  Just click and they are yours!  FYI...the first one is just a pic of the cover. :)


Have you picked up my other Thanksgiving resources on TpT?  I know I am biased, but they are darn cute!  They've both gotten great reviews so I know you'll be pleased!
I am such a fan of seasonal books to go along with these activities!  These are some of my favorites!
Also, if you didn't know already, I blog over at:
I still enjoy posting resources for all ages since I have taught every elementary grade!  All Things Upper Elementary gives me a chance to blog about the grade I currently teach which is 5th. My latest post over there, however, applies to all ages.  It is about increasing student engagement and there is a FREEBIE for you to use in your classroom!  Go ahead and peek, the free resource can be used in any classroom upper elementary or not!  Let me know what you think!
I am heading off of here full of an apple ring and ready to create an autumn thing!  Okay, I confess.  Perhaps I had a tad too much coffee this morning!  I'm off to finish that resource above and don't worry, you'll be the first to know when it's done! 
Happy Fall!  Love and Hugs,

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Apple Cider, Pumpkins, and a GIVEAWAY!

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My friends and I at All Things Upper Elementary have come together for a Fall Giveaway! We have all hidden secret phrases in our current blog posts. Here is mine: The part I like best about Fall is CIDER.  Head on over to ATUE to read about how to enter the giveaway! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Who's That Blogger WINNERS!!!

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Who's that Blogger Reveal & Winners!!!

I have labeled the childhood photos with the matching blogs for you all to peek at!! Because of the volume of entries, winners will be notified throughout the weekend. I appreciate your patience as we send out emails and prizes.

Click on each image to see the photo

Winner of the $125 Amazon Gift Card!!!
You will receive an email notification and once your email has been confirmed, I will send you the Amazon gift card!!

Thank you so very much for playing!!
The 3am Teacher created a fun FREEBIE for everyone to grab!! 
Please feel free to share the freebie through pins! She always appreciates your feedback!!
Click the image to visit The 3am Teacher TpT shop and download the new decorated owl FREEBIE!!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who's That Blogger? Linky

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Welcome Everyone!!

         Are you ready to have some fun??
                                              ....Play a game?
                                                              .....Win  prizes and cash?

I have teamed up with 65 AMAZING blogger buddies to put together the ultimate Back to School Linky/Giveaway!!!

Each one of my blogger buddies submitted a cute childhood photo & generously donated something special from their online TpT shops for this occasion!! We have included a fun game for you to play for a chance to win over $300.00 in prizes and a BONUS  CASH-PRIZE raffle you can enter at the end of this post!! 


The game is easy to play....

 Your job will be to try and match each blogger with their childhood photo!!! With over 60 childhood photos and bloggers to match up, this might get tricky!! As I mentioned above, each blogger has generously donated one awesome prize from their TpT store. Successfully match a blogger and childhood photo, and you win the prize offered from that blogger!!! The more you matches you make, the more prizes you win!!! 

Check out some of the prizes you could win!!!

but wait....
that's not all....

ONE lucky follower will win a $125 Amazon Gift Card!! Scroll to the bottom & follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win $$$

The link below will open a form that will allow you to submit your answers for the match up. 

Use the blogger links and numbered images to help you along the way!! Each childhood photo has been assigned a specific number. 

Once you open the form, use the drop-down menu beneath each blog button and select a number that corresponds to a childhood photo. The drop down list includes numbers 1-66. There are only 65 bloggers, so please ignore number 66.

The form results will be collected throughout the week. At the end of the week, each submission will be "graded" and you will receive a prize for each blogger and photo you successfully matched up!!

The game closes on Friday, August 23rd at midnight (Arizona Mountain Time). Answers will be announced on Saturday, August 24th. Winners will be notified through email throughout the week. 

Use the blog links below the photos to search for clues!!
Click HERE to Play the Matching Game!!


Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a $125 Amazon gift card!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for participating!!! Good Luck!!!

If you would like to post about this linky/giveaway, grab the special image below to display in your post and link up below!!! Make sure to use the link to the actual post...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best and Most...Yearbook-Style!

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Wow!  It's Back-to-School time and there is SOOOO MUCH to share about!  First things first... the HUGE Back-to-School TpT SALE is starting tomorrow, August 18th!  All of my teaching resources are going to be on sale for 28% OFF!  Stock those files and save them digitally to use again and again!  You will want to use the PROMO CODE:  BTS13 when checking out to get the discount.  You can click on the pic below to go to my store and shop! Remember, the sale starts on Sunday and runs through Monday!
 I am so excited!  I have my wish list ready to purchase everything I need at a BIG DISCOUNT!  To help celebrate the sale, my friend Christina Bainbridge is having a fun Back-to-School linky! 
 A bunch of teachers created "yearbook pages" of their best and most effective resources.  Mine is below for you to check out!
Here is a little low-down on why each of these resources earned a spot on my yearbook page!  Gossip was fun back in high school so why wouldn't it be now?  Okay, so here are the reasons why these resources take the cake...
My Ready Report Card Comments for Teachers is my #1 best-selling product!  This is why it is my Teacher's Pet nominee.  It has helped oodles of teachers compose comments!  We all know how difficult it is to stare at the computer, cursor blinking, trying to think of the right words to write. (Did you like that...right, write?  I am a certified nerd, thanks!)  This product alleviates all of that stress and allows you to pick and choose statements you want to combine in one comment.  The words and phrases are there, you simply piece them together and voila!  Easy peasy report card comments!

Next up, you can click to find my Reading Genre Posters and Activities.  This resource is voted, "Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed."  Anyone who has ever taught reading knows that identifying the genre of a book is the best starting point for a reader!  It allows them to prepare for what they are about to read and it helps them to look for familiar "pieces" of the text!  Along with colorful posters that you can hang around the room, you get student response sheets that coordinate with each genre.  In my book, this is a must-have for teachers and students!

The final products I have paired as the "Best Couple" are my Four-in-a-Row Multiplication and Division games!  Those who teach the upper grades know how important it is to master multiplication and division facts.  These games help tremendously and should  be used ALL.YEAR.LONG!  Students have fun choosing a card, answering the question, and filling in a bubble on their game sheet.  (For some reason, kids just LOVE doing this!)  The first person to get four of their initials in a row wins!  This can be played over and over again and it never becomes boring!  I think the students really enjoy competing with one another!
I hope you check out these resources for your classroom!  Have fun shopping and best wishes for an AMAZING SCHOOL YEAR!