Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Door Decor

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The holidays are quickly approaching and I am staring at the blank door of my classroom each day wondering how I will decorate it?  I just took down my pumpkins and fall leaves to make room for a holiday display.  I wonder...should I do snowflakes so they last until January?  A big Christmas tree?  A display of holidays around the world?  Reindeer?  Santa?  The elves?  I went on the Internet for some inspiration and I wanted to share what I found.  Below, you will find examples of door designs I may attempt. 

cute holiday design #1

Source: decodir.com via Ann on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest




Which one do you like best?  While I was searching for fun, fabulous holiday door decor for the classroom, I also came across this CA-UTE activity!  Check it out!
I think even my 5th graders will would love this one!  Which brings me to my last thought...I wonder if my students would like to have a contest to design our holiday door?  I would have them each create a design without putting their name on it, show them to the class so they can critique them, and have them vote on the best one!  Feel free to use this idea in your room and post letting us know how it turned out!  I am going to take the ideas on my blog above to show the students as examples and then, I will hold the contest in class tomorrow.  I'll post an update sharing the design with you and then I'll post the design once we create it on the door!  :)  How are you planning to decorate your classroom this holiday?  Leave any blog post links you have below so we can hop over and see your decor! 

Happy Holidays!!!


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