Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Who doesn't love a good SALE?  I know I am a shop-a-holic so I can't wait to shop the AMAZING CYBER MONDAY SALE on TpT!  My store is offering 28% OFF ALL PRODUCTS!!!  I have so many items in my wish list right now and I am going back to add more.  I'm not sure if you knew about that.  You can add items to a wish list and not buy them until the sale begins.  :)  Is it terrible that I have more than 50 items on my wish list?  I told you I was a shop-a-holic.  I am also happy because I know that teachers that work hard just like I do are making the money and it's not going to some random educational company out there.  If you'd like to share some items on your list, please share on the comment section below.  We'd love to know the deals that will be out there tomorrow.  I am making my list, checking it twice, and buying from teachers who are super nice!!!  If you want a direct link to the sale, click below! 

Isn't this cute?  It's created by an AMAZING ARTIST on TpT.  Find her here...
I will have so many Christmas Goodies you can purchase!  Some of my best selling units are below...and I uh, wouldn't mind if you added them to your personal wish list...hehehe.  In all seriousness, they are some of my favorite products because I love the holidays so much!
Everyone needs a Gingerbread Man Unit! 
How about a math activity?
Sight words are always fun at Christmastime!

A little holiday story to top it all off?
Let us know what deals you end up getting!  I am so excited and I bet you are, too!!!
Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 23, 2012


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Are  you busy shopping for all of the BLACK FRIDAY DEALS in the stores and online?  Don't forget to stock up on your teaching printables, too!  I am running a personal BLACK FRIDAY SALE today in my TpT store!  By clicking on the chimney above, you will be taken to my store where you will find over 80 resources at 20% OFF!!!  Now is the time to grab report card resources, back-to-school packets, Christmas games/centers, and MORE!!!  Head on over and grab up the deals because they are for ONE.DAY.ONLY!!!  Happy Shopping!!!  Let us know what you grabbed on the comments below! :) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Door Decor

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The holidays are quickly approaching and I am staring at the blank door of my classroom each day wondering how I will decorate it?  I just took down my pumpkins and fall leaves to make room for a holiday display.  I wonder...should I do snowflakes so they last until January?  A big Christmas tree?  A display of holidays around the world?  Reindeer?  Santa?  The elves?  I went on the Internet for some inspiration and I wanted to share what I found.  Below, you will find examples of door designs I may attempt. 

cute holiday design #1

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest




Which one do you like best?  While I was searching for fun, fabulous holiday door decor for the classroom, I also came across this CA-UTE activity!  Check it out!
I think even my 5th graders will would love this one!  Which brings me to my last thought...I wonder if my students would like to have a contest to design our holiday door?  I would have them each create a design without putting their name on it, show them to the class so they can critique them, and have them vote on the best one!  Feel free to use this idea in your room and post letting us know how it turned out!  I am going to take the ideas on my blog above to show the students as examples and then, I will hold the contest in class tomorrow.  I'll post an update sharing the design with you and then I'll post the design once we create it on the door!  :)  How are you planning to decorate your classroom this holiday?  Leave any blog post links you have below so we can hop over and see your decor! 

Happy Holidays!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Better About Blogging

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With changing grade levels this year, life has been BUSY!!!  I have felt pulled in all directions while trying to learn a new curriculum, figure out and remember the names of all of the other teachers and students at my new school, and spend time making teaching resources.  My son also started Kindergarten at my school this year so I am learning how to balance being a teacher and a mom at the same school!  Have you ever felt like that?  It is so tough to find the time to do it all but before New Year's even gets here, I am making a resolution.  I am going to blog more because I love it sooo much!  Now that the first quarter at school is over, I can breathe a little.  I feel like I am able to balance a little better than when I first dove into started at my new school.  It's like I'm in a perfect rhythm...I know what to assign, when to grade, and how to hand it back.  I know what the students enjoy in fifth grade without making things too cutesy or babified for them (is that even a word? LOL!).  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy making fun activities for the younger students since I spent so many years at that level, but there is just a certain line fifth graders draw when trying to add cuteness to their lives! :)  It's barely even cool to give the teacher a high-five anymore! 

To get a head start on my new blogging committment, I'd love to know what your students are learning about.  Are you planning on celebrating Christmas or will you cover all of the holidays?  What major skills and strategies are you going to teach in the next month or so?  For me, the line up looks like pronouns, verbs, research papers, The American Revolution, data and graphing, prefixes, suffixes, and roots, inferring, evaluating, and questioning.  All of that plus a little holiday fun = the end of the year and the second quarter are going to F.L.Y.  B.Y.!!!  Look out for a few FREEBIES to come to help you and your students during the HOLIDAY SEASON.  Consider them early Christmas gifts!  In the states, we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in the next few days.  What does that mean?  A mini-vaca from school, of course!  For all those enjoying the same, have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!  I'll be waiting to hear from you!

Warm Hugs,