Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tell Me More...All About ME!

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In case you didn't know, the fabulous Amy Lemons is having this fun linky party over at her blog, Step Into Second Grade!  She is telling everyone her quirks and what makes her unique.  She has asked that we do the same.  It's been awhile since I've shared here we go!

1.  I have been married to my wonderful husband Chris since we were 22.  We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary on September 14th of this year!  Hooray for 10 years!!!

2.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and ADORE my 5-year-old son, Sebastian.  He goes with me everywhere and is truly my best buddy (aside from my hubby).  I could seriously hug and kiss him all day long!

3.  My dog, Sienna is a chow-lab mix who is so friendly. She has a black tongue which makes her unique! I consider her my daughter because I don't have any daughters (or any other sons for that matter).  Yes, I tell Sebastian that the dog is his sister...quirky, right? ;-)

4.  I have a best friend that has become my only "sister".  I LOVE her so much and she is into blogging about teaching and making TpT products as much as I am.  She is over at The Convenient Teacher if you want to stop by and see her!!!

 5.  I love to be silly and crazy all the time!  I think it's fun to do the wacky thing- life is never boring for me that way.  I think it's the leftover high school cheerleader in me!  I wake up excited and go to bed the same way!

6.  I ADORE old buildings like this one and have to take pictures of them.  I imagine who may have lived here and what life was like at the time.  I love following up with research because I am a history and social studies buff.   I won the National Geographic Geography Bee in 8th grade. 

7.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  Each year, I wait for the weather to become crisp and cool and watch for subtle changes in the color of the leaves.  I take my family to every pumpkin farm, we go on hayrides, and we pick tons of apples from the orchards.  If I could bottle fall up and carry it around with me throughout the whole year, I would.

8.  Nature is my thing.  My favorite thing to do is go hiking with my family and friends.  I enjoy a good campfire.  I like stumbling upon waterfalls and little streams.  I am even happy taking a daytrip to drive through nature!  It grounds me and takes all of my stress away. :)

9.  I took Tae Kwon Do during most of my teen years and almost made it to black belt.  Don't mess with Mrs. Baur or I will have to go all Karate Kid on you!
10.  I prefer to spend the day in sweatshirts and tennis shoes.  Even in summer, I take a sweatshirt with me, "just in case it gets cold".  I would love to convince the teaching world that we could do so much more in a day if we just had comfy shoes on! 

Of course, I was going to add number 11, but you already know that I LOVE being a TEACHER!!!!  It's my LIFE.  I eat, sleep, and breathe teaching just like most of you!  Well, off to the real world...time to go grocery shopping (something that did not make my list of likes).  I hope you enjoyed learning about me!  Don't forget to link up if you have a blog (click the pic at the top of this post) or leave a comment below if you'd rather tell me about yourself that way!




  1. I enjoyed reading about you! :)

  2. Thanks, Brittney! What's unique about you? Go ahead and share on the comments! I'd love to learn about the readers of my blog! :)


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