Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Learning on the DS

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So, if you haven't read my "About Me" section on this blog, then you need to know that I am not only a teacher, but a mom to a five-year old son, Sebastian.  I was overjoyed when "Santa" brought him a DS and saw that there were many educational games for it.  However, when I went shopping for these educational games, I didn't see many.  I searched all the big stores and some specialty video game stores only to come up empty-handed.  Then, I did what I do with everything...searched the web and BINGO, there they were on Amazon! There are many to choose from that are just perfect for my son to practice skills this summer.  If you're a teacher-mom like me who is looking to boost your child's gaming to the next level, check out some of the games below.  I purchased a few and have some on my wish list.  I now feel better allowing my son to play his DS for a long time! :)


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  1. Fantastic! I just love it when Santa brings gifts like that! I will have to keep these educational games in mind when my son *inevitably* asks for a DS one day! These would also be great things to have in the classroom - keeps those kiddos engaged in learning while having fun!
    Thank you!


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