Friday, December 23, 2011

What Teacher Doesn't Like a Timesaver?!?

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TIMESAVERS for - World's largest collection of REPORT CARD COMMENTS, printable, interactive, often-used teacher FORMS, spelling activities, 1000 Writing Prompts, worksheets, math forms, award certificates, downloadable resources for busy teachers - lots of FREE stuff
Hi everyone!  I was just thinking the hustle and bustle around the holidays reminds me of preparations for the first day of school!  With so much going on, I am going to need something to help save me time after the holidays.  I am going to be purchasing more products from one of my favorite sites, Timesavers for Teachers!
REPORT CARD AND IEP COMMENTS for teachers:  Introductory comments, Homework completion, Class participation, Group work, Problem solving, Behavior, Writing tasks, Writing process, Proofreading, Editing, Language conventions, Spelling, Reading, Reading comprehension, Decoding, Reading fluency, Oral communication, Listening skills, Self-control, Motivation, Work habit, Organizational & Social skills, Math, Problem solving, Science... and more!.My newest favorite product is the Teacher Report Card Comments book!  You can get yours here by clicking on the picture of the product.
I know the last thing on your mind is school right now, but after the holidays, we are all going to have to plow through those dreaded report cards.  Why not save yourself some time? I did!  :0) 

Happy Holidays,

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    I've recently developed a new, free-to-use, online school report writing tool which I think you might find usefu.l I initially developed it to help a friend who is a Geography teacher but have now smartened it up for anyone that wants to try it! It's a bit different from other systems in that while it does all the usual storing of statement banks and automatic replacement of names, his/her etc, it also lets you create drop-down lists for things like achievement levels, assignment names etc and include them in your statements. Why does this matter? Well it means that the whole report text is not editable until the last possible minute so it's more difficult to accidentally introduce errors. Probably makes more sense if you just take a look. The site address is below:

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