Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My New Favorite Tool- EXPO Bright Sticks!

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If you haven't checked these out, yet, go get some NOW! 

These are so great for so many classroom projects!  They allow you to make the walls, doors, windows, etc. of the classroom look like those cute signs at Starbucks!  I have written on the cabinets for science vocabulary and on the door with winter words!  By far, my favorite use has been writing words on the word wall!  No more annoying cards to laminate and cut out!  Just shake, write, and smile!  Here is a picture of my word wall using the EXPO bright sticks...
This is my classroom door...

This is my cabinet...

The sky is the limit!  I would seriously go purchase these.  They are around $18.00 and they have made my life so much easier!


  1. These are so cool Leanne! How easily do they wash off? Thanks for sharing such an awesome find!

  2. They are SUPER EASY to wash off! We tested these out at our school and left them on things for months and then washed them off. There was no residue or shading of the surface underneath. Try them! I am telling you I can't live without them now! :0)

  3. Thanks Leanne, I will try them for sure!

  4. Love them!! Do you just wipe them off with water?? How fun does that look!!! My kids would love them! Especially if I let them write somewhere (like on the door) with them!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  5. Hey gals! Make sure to post pics of what you use them for in the classroom! Caitlin- the kids would LOVE using them! Kristen- PreKParadise and I are giving you props for creating our blogs! Someone said they would check you out tonight! :0) I get so many comments on how cute my blog is! Thank you!


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