Saturday, November 19, 2011

Easy Word Work Centers

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My first graders LOVE word work and the best part is, it didn't take much work on my part to make it fun!  Here are some simple things I did to make working with words exciting and I did not spend a ton of time or money to make it happen!

1.  I asked teachers with older kids to donate any old word games they had at home.
2.  I found nice Melissa and Doug wooden magnetic letters at a Tuesday Morning store for about $3.00.
3.  I utilized the Promethean Board to play games (which are already made on the program).  If you don't have an electronic white board, give the kids dry-erase markers and a regular white board- they still have a blast making words!
4.  We have one computer but it is great to keep two students busy playing on Starfall or ABC Mouse.

Learning doesn't have to take too much time or money!  Post some ideas you have for cheap and easy centers! 

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