Monday, August 22, 2011

New Favorite Site!

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Okay, so I began decorating my new first grade classroom today and realized how much I still enjoy doing it year after year!  I absolutely LOVE being a classroom teacher!  As I was hanging fabric on my bulletin boards, I was thinking of ways I could be more creative.  To help myself along, I did what every other teacher would do...take a walk down the hallway and check out what others were doing.  I went into my second grade friend's classroom when she showed me some of the projects she had been working on.  She was using her Cricut machine which she got at JoAnn Fabrics for $50!  It was a smaller machine but with the sale and teacher discount, she got it at a great price!  She had made so many cute things with her Cricut and when she told me she had gotten the ideas from blogs, a lightbulb went off!  "Ooooooooh," I thought, "a blog with Cricut ideas for the classroom?!?"  I know, I was getting excited, too!  So, I haven't had much time to peruse but this site happened to be the first I visited and I liked it.  Check it out if you have time!  Also, if you have used the Cricut for classroom materials, let us know! 

Cricut Your Classroom

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  1. Thanks Leanne for the great tip on the Circut blog. Congrats on the new 1st grade classroom.


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