Sunday, July 24, 2011

Incredible Dollar Buys at Target!

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Everyone MUST go to Target and look for these DOLLAR ITEMS!!!  I've always purchased a few things here and there for my classroom from Target's dollar section but now they have TEACHING MATERIALS!  For someone who is moving from 4th grade to 1st, this was a God-send!  I purchased the following items:
*colorful pocket charts (small size) for vocabulary words
*rainbow star stickers for my progress charts
*a cute star pointer
*colorful star and rainbow borders
*adorable crayon erasers which I will use as a first day gift
*bookmarks to go along with the erasers on the first day
*great reader book awards
*"Great Work" and "Super Star" large stickers
*desk name plates with alphabet and numbers
*a "Welcome" banner
*"Today is..., Yesterday was..., Tomorrow will be..." bulletin board set
*new monthly headers for my calendar
*2 Dr. Seuss notepads (Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham) for Dr. Seuss's birthday
*colorful congratulations awards
*cute tab dividers
I am soooo happy!  I know the Dollar Tree also has similar supplies but these were so darn cute AND they were at my favorite place...Target!

I have to share my last favorite purchase there which I may use either at home or at school.  It is modeled by my son (who thought I was funny sharing this with him) here:
Happy shopping!  Just make sure there are plenty of "dollars" in your pocket because they all add up when you're buying out the whole section!!! ;-)


  1. I love your blog! So informative and purchasing resources could not have been easier. I purchased a sub-plan binder and the whole process could not have been easier.

  2. Thank you very much for the kind comment! I hope you will enjoy the sub plan binder- it really helped me get organized before I needed a sub! I get it ready before the start of the year so it is right at my fingertips! Hope to see you again on the blog!
    :0) Smiles, Leanne

  3. Don't forget, anyone who comments on this blog post is entered to win one of the items in the picture! Your choice!


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