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"These are a few of my favorite things"...2011

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                    Mrs. B's Favorite Things for 2011
1.  Nook Kids 
     Perfect for any classroom trying to encourage students to read- one or more would be an exciting
        tool to use.  The price tag is a bit high at $249, however, you could obtain money    
        through fundraising or by applying online at sites such as  Talk
        about an innovative classroom idea!

2.  V-Reader
        Priced at $59.99, this is excellent for reading on-the-go!  My son got one for Christmas and hasn't   
        stopped reading since! Designed for ages 3-7, this interactive reader uses cartridges based on  
        your child's favorite tv shows and characters in order to motivate them to read!  You can also
        download books online through the V-Reader site if you purchase an additional SD memory card
        (approx. $14.99). 

        This online site is a must-have for every teacher!  It contains lesson plans, IWB resources, activity
        pages, webinars, videos, and more.  You can purchase a classroom account for $195 to get access
        during school hours.  If this is too much to pay, consider asking an administrator to add this website
        to the school budget.

4.  Ipod Touch
     The Ipod Touch is a bit expensive with a price tag of $229 for the 8g version, but it is perfect for
        busy teachers!  Here, access weather, maps (for driving to those distant meetings), the Web, games,
        a camera, a video recorder, notes (for your long to-do list), and music through iTunes.  Hook it into
        your computer at work and load songs and videos your students will love!  I use the video          
        component to provide feedback and closure at the end of lessons so students can reflect on their
        performance and set goals for the future.

5.  Discovery Education United Streaming

        This website has come in handy many times in my classroom and I must thank my administration
       for purchasing it for us!  Select videos for streaming on a variety of subject areas and specify the
       grade level through the click of a box.  I stream this right through my classroom pc and IWB.  There
       are even segments that demonstrate math skills or science lessons!  You will not regret this
       purchase and will find yourself using it over and over again.  Check the site for current pricing and
       free teaching resources.

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